Napkin folding – star, christmas

An indispensable accessory when lining the table are the napkins. Of course, they fulfill a useful function, but to have the guests seated at the table, they can not also adorn the banquet table so right. For this one folds it exceptionally, as a fan or star.

Napkin folding star

napkin-folding-christmas-servietten-falten-weihnachtenVery decorous also act star of bordeaux red napkins. These Deco adorns every wedding and every anniversary but is also thematically for Christmas match. With such decor every festival is just fantastic!
napkin-folding-serviettenfalten-hochzeitThe stars can be folded from any napkins in any color. Even patterned napkins can be transformed into stars. However Avoid large designs and patterns that are printed only on one side. Best look monotonous napkins star such as this Napkin in yellow.